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Last Update June 22, 2016

* McDonnell / Douglas, Boeing Retirees Club
* 550 + Members
* Activities: Dinner Dance, Luncheons, Picnic, & Trout Lodge
* Travel Opportunities
* Charitable Activities
* SAGES PAGES Newsletter Mailings
* $12 Annual Dues

Boeing St. Louis 100th Anniversary Celebration, Thursday, 7-14-2016


The Boeing St. Louis 100th Anniversary Celebration is planned for Thursday, July14, 2016, in Building 100 Prologue Room and Auditorium from 3:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.


The Boeing St. Louis Leadership Association (BSLLA) is hosting this 100th Anniversary Celebration in conjunction with the TACAIR F/A-18 and F-15 Employee Engagement Teams.  You are invited to participate in this nostalgic event to reconnect with current and former Teammates and commemorate our great legacy!


This event will highlight the numerous accomplishments that many of you achieved during your tenure here at the St. Louis site and share those memories with the other guests.  You will hear from a variety of exciting speakers in the auditorium.


To participate and share in this historic milestone event, please reply by e-mail to with your name, what Programs you worked on, and the approximate years worked.

June Luncheon 2016

June Luncheon 2016

Goings On

September 14, 2016   ANNUAL PICNIC

Tiemeyer Park, St. Ann, MO

The SAGES Annual Picnic will be Wednesday 14 September 2016. Come and enjoy friends, games and good food.

The June Luncheon was June 8, 2016 at The Heart of St Charles Banquet Center, St Charles, MO. We enjoyed a delicious meal and magic after the meal.

The April Luncheon was April 13, 2016 at Orlando Gardens, 2040 Dorsett Village Plaza, Maryland Heights, MO. 93 members and guests enjoyed a delicious meal. A brief business meeting elected 5 candidates to the Board of Governors. Carl Johnson, Shirley Dean, Len Schubert, Kim Bauer (1st term) and Shirley Johnson (1st term). Entertainment was by Banjos and Brass who presented a variety of great foot-tapping tunes and encouraged audience sing along. There were many compliments for Orlando Garden's ambience, food and service and the musicians.

The Valentine Luncheon was Wednesday February 10, 2016 at the Heart of St Charles Banquet Center, St Charles, Mo. 99 registered. Entertainment music provided by THE GRAND REUNION.

The Christmas Dinner Dance occurred December 9, 2015 at the Whitmoor Country Club, St Charles, MO. The venue was beautiful, the food and drink delicious and the band, Trilogy, excellent.

The SAGES , again, helped usher the Holiday Brass Concert at the United Methodist Church, St Louis, MO. December 1, 2015. The program was beautiful and appropriate for the Holiday Season.

Trout lodge occurred  October 5-8 2015. The weekend was enjoyed by 63 SAGES and the weather cooperated. Yes this was another memorable and successful SAGES event and more are expected to attend in 2016.

The Annual Picnic was held on September 9, 2015. The weather threatened early but turned out very nice. We had games in the morning, lunch then bingo. 96 attended.

The trip to Arrow Rock Lyceum Theater occurred August 26, 2015. The stage performance was "Driving Miss Daisy".

16 SAGES traveled to the Pacific Northwest August 3, 2015 for 10 days of sight-seeing with a Directions tour.

The July Dinner Dance occurred July 22, 2015. The food was good and the dancing was fun.


If you are a retiree of Boeing or McDonnell/Douglas and like to have fun, the SAGES is for you.


We are the SAGES Retiree Club and have been organized since 1981 to provide retirees of Boeing and McDonnell/Douglas with opportunities to socialize, enjoy recreation and travel with other retiree teammates, who all have something in common.  


There are no meetings, but we do provide three luncheons, a Dinner Dance, a Picnic and three fun filled days at the YMCA Trout Lodge each year. And, if your interested in travel; we encourage members to sponsor travel tours each year by bus, ship, train or plane.


Our club is open to all pensioned FEP and CBU

retirees of any division of Boeing in the metro St. Louis area.


The cost is only $12 per year per couple and as members you save on the costs of the social events. if you attend all seven of the social events, you would save more than the $12.


Members receive six Sages Pages newsletter each year informing them of the social and travel events. A Sages Directory of all the members is available by request.

We also perform volunteer work for a number of local organizations as individuals or large groups.

Our club is managed by a fifteen member Executive Board, (which includes six Officers and nine members of the Board of Governors), who meet monthly.


For additional information drop a line to President, MDC/Boeing Retirees Club, P. O. Box 413, St. Charles, MO 63302. Or you can submit a question to e-mail address or to the e-mail address at the bottom of this home page. 



  We have a group of members who volunteer regularly but "MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK".
Every 2 months the Red Cross conducts Blood Drives at several Boeing, St Louis, buildings. Volunteers spend about 5 hours greeting the donors and serving them after donation.
If you would be willing to give a little of your time to volunteer, call Joan Wilmas at 636-300-1641 or Helen Bassen at 636-754-2651. Joan is our Red Cross coordinator and Helen is our Holiday Brass coordinator.
Each of our social events requires Chairs and Co-Chairs who organize and host the event.
If you are willing to help at any of these events contact Dave Ott, Activities Chairman, at 636-916-0099.


Officers for the year 2015-2016

President; Harold Hunt

Executive Vice President: Dave Ott

Vice President:   Gloria Ebert

Secretary: Judy Hudgens 

Treasurer: Don Candido 

Membership Chairman: Mary Candido


Board of Governors

Chairman: Elliott Chubb

Members: Carl Johnson

Shirley Dean

Richard Mayer

Peg Holt-Myers

Jim Naeger

Len Schubert

Bob Williamson

Joan Wilmas


The retirees in Southern California have a web site with a lot of information about their activities and has information about every plane Boeing, Douglas or MC/DAC ever built. "Click Here"
The Seattle area retirees, the BLUEBILLS, also have a web site. Log onto this site, scroll down and on the left side of the screen is a map of Washington.  It shows four additional sites. Click on 'heritage' and this will give you the main site. 

Below are links to other websites that were created by and maintained by retirees. You may find it interesting to investigate some of them.


Lunch with Retirees

Visit Website for Details
MAC's Old Team
Visit Website for Details
Miss Sheri's Cafeteria
Every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.
9967 Manchester Rd. in Warson Woods


with great assist from JIM GRECO of the exMACs

Please get in touch to offer comments. Send comments to: